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The Way of Saint James: "Albergues" or pilgrim's hostels

Albergue or pilgrim's hostel The pilgrim hostels along the Way of St. James are very basic and modest. Accommodation is in shared rooms, one needs necessarily a sleeping bag. Also there are only shared bathrooms.

One can stay in an Albergue for only one night (except in case of illness). Also there is only a limited number of beds available, the earlier you arrive, the higher the chance to find a place to sleep.

The Way of Saint James: The best itineraries by foot or by bicycle Alternatively there are also offers to make the Way of St. James in Hotels. Here one finds comfortable rooms with private bathrooms and, of course, has the security to have a place where to stay.

Only pilgrims, who make their journey by foot, by bicycle or on horseback, can stay in the Albergues, and additionally they must meet further strict requirements.

In the Pilgrim's Passport which you need to have with you in order to be accepted, you can find the following:

Organised groups with a support vehicle or on bicycles are asked to find alternative accommodation from the pilgrim albergues.

Albergues provide simple accommodation. They do not receive grants for their upkeep and need to be sustained, cleaned and maintained. This is achieved through the contributions of pilgrims.

Prior reservation in the hostels is of course not possible, the places will be allocated according to the time of arrival with the following preferences: pilgrims in wheelchairs take preference over those who go by foot, then pilgrims who come on horseback and finally those on bicycles.

There are two kinds of pilgrim's hostels:

Public hostels: In every town there is only one public hostel which will accept only pilgrims who travel alone or in small groups, and without further support such as luggage transport.

Private hostels: These are led by individuals or religious organizations.

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