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The Way of Saint James: Routes to Santiago de Compostela

Routes or ways to Santiago de Compostela
Where does the Way of Saint James begin and finish?
There is no unique starting point; medieval pilgrims began their pilgrimage at their own front door. However there are several traditional routes which many pilgrims have used through centuries. Along these routes there are many monuments, churches and historical remains.

The best known is the "French Way" of St James, because this is the route where, in Roncesvalles, all the pilgrims arriving from Europe (with the exception of Portugal and England) meet together.

The Way of Saint James: The best itineraries by foot or by bicycle For the Catholic Church the pilgrimage to Santiago ends at the Tomb of Saint James in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

Others consider the coast of "Finis Terrae" (Latin for "End of the World") the real final point, going back to an ancient tradition with pre-Christian origins.

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