Medical and health assistanceUntil 600 EUR in Spain
Medical transfer of injured or ill persons100% cost
Convalescence at a Hotel 30 EUR /day. Max. 300 EUR
Repatriation or transportation of the deceased Insured100% cost
Repatriation or transportation of the remaining Insureds100% cost
Shipping of medicines abroad100% cost
Early return due to the death of a relative100% cost
Theft and damage to luggage100 EUR
Delay in the delivery of checked baggage60 EUR
Travel delay in the departure of means of transport100 EUR
Complementary Insurance of Civil Liability30000 EUR

At the occurrence of a claim event which may give rise to the services covered and be entitled to them, the Insured MUST WITHOUT EXCEPTION notify the emergency telephone number (24 hours) provided by the Insurer, regardless of the time of the day or the current location, indicating the name of the Insured, the policy number and the adhesion certificate. If diallig from within Spain 93 300 10 50 If dialling from abroad 34 93 300 10 50 (ask for call charges to be reversed).

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