Medical and health care1.000 EUR in Spain or Andorra / 15.000 EUR abroad
Emergency dental expenses280 EUR abroad
Repatriation or transport of injured and / or sick peopleUNLIMITED
Repatriation of up to two companions of the repatriated insuredUNLIMITED
Repatriation or transport of deceasedUNLIMITED
Displacement of a relative in case of hospitalization greater than 5 daysUNLIMITED
Accompanying expenses in hospitalizations to more than 100 Km90 EUR/day. Max. 10 days
Expenses for prolongation of hotel stays90 EUR/day. Max. 10 days
Early return due to the death of a family member up to 2nd grade UNLIMITED
Early return for hospitalization of a family member up to 2nd grade for more than 2 daysUNLIMITED
Early return for serious damages at the main / local professional homeUNLIMITED
Transmission of urgent messagesINCLUDED
Search and transport of luggage and personal effectsINCLUDED
Theft and damage to luggage600 EUR
Theft 150,25 EUR
Delay in the delivery of luggage greater than 12 hours150 EUR
Sending urgent medicines not existing abroadINCLUDED
Travel delay of the means of transport28 EUR/day. Max. 5 days
Abandonment of travel due to a delay of more than 24 hours400 EUR
Unpunctual arrival with loss of output400 EUR
Management expenses for loss / theft of official documentation200 EUR
Cancellation expenses of not started tripINCLUDED
Including the cancellation due to the insolvency of suppliersUntil 75% of insured capital of cancellation
Refund of vacations not enjoyed for repatriation / early return3.000 EUR
Compensation for death or disability due to accident6.000 EUR
Civil Liability Travelers / Guides60.000 EUR
Legal defense abroad1.500 EUR
Kidnapping expenses50 EUR/day. Max. 40 days
Guarantees of assistance in air transport
Flight delay300 EUR
Alternative return transportation450 EUR
Loss of contracted services750 EUR
Loss of links in the means of transport
Additional hotel expenses, food and transportation incurred during the wait300 EUR
Transportation costs necessary to return to the place of origin or alternative transportation to reach the intended destination500 EUR
Loss of services initially contracted200 EUR

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