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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, an original town

The archipelago's capital, with 352.641 inhabitants, surprises the visitor with its highly original and individual architecture showing influences of all five continents, and its colorfully painted houses.
Ambience is very lively, being evidence of a population of southern temperament not always taking life at its most serious.
This city's great cultural offer, attractive festivities and highly recommendable cuisine, as well traditional and regional as international, will make your stay memorable.

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The Cathedral, Photo of gothic and neoclassical style. Its construction was begun after the discovery of America. At the same square, Santa Ana, Photo you'll find also the Archiepiscopal Palais and several nice buildings in the typical Canarian style of architecture.

The Barrio de la Vegueta is a very attractive quarter of town, with numerous manorial houses showing influences of latin-american colonial style. In the Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno you can see an important collection of contemporary art.

La Casa de Colón, Photo the "House of Columbus", reminds us that the ships of Christopher Columbus made a halt here on their journey to America.

The Museo Canario, the "Canarian Museum", shows the most complete exposition you may find about the islands' original inhabitants, the Guanches.

The Pueblo Canario, located in the beautiful gardens of Doramas Park, was created by canarian artist Néstor de la Torre and represents the islands' typical architecture. Each Thursday and Sunday take place colorful folkloristical performances.

More sights to be visited are the Museum of Arts, the Museum Pérez Galdós in the house where this writer was living, and the Nestor-Museum, close to the Pueblo Español and created by the artist himself.

8 kilometers out of Las Palmas there is the Jardín Canario, the "Canarian Garden". It shows the incredible variety of plants at the islands, with no fewer than 500 species existing exclusively here.

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