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El Hierro: Excursions

In the north of the island there is Tamaduste, offering a beautiful natural basin with crystalline water Photo

In Monacal we find luxuriant vegetation and two large natural basins at the coastline. Next to them, you can admire Pozo de las Calcosas, an old settlement formed by stone houses with straw roofs.

The viewpoint Mirador de la Peña Photo offers a phantastic panorama on the west of El Hierro, and there are also great views from the small village Tiñor, which is located on a tableland in the interior.

In the center of El Hierro there is La Frontera, in English the frontier: this village is cut off from the rest of the island by mountains which are over 1000 meters high. This region is reknown for its wine and fruit production, and it is an ideal place to enjoy the gastronimical highlights of El Hierro: excellent wines, smoked cheese, and quesadillas.

El Pinar, surrounded by thick woods, is a charming white village with fertile grounds and a milde climate. The mountain Montaña de Tanajara, located nearby, invites you to enjoy great views over the volcanic landscapes in the south and the woods in the center of El Hierro. It is also well-known for its beautiful sunsets.

In the area of Malpaso, the highest elevation of the island (1.501 meters above sea level) there are untouched woods Photo and you may enjoy the phantastic panorama.

The spa Sabinosa in the west is perhaps one of the most picturesque and beautiful villages: it is located at a precipice directly over the sea, at an altitude of about 300 meters, and impresses us with its typical whitewashed houses in the traditional style.

In the forest of El Sabinal you will find trees almost bent double by the wind Photo

La Restinga, in the south of El Hierro, is an ideal resort for divers and fishers. It offers crystalline water and an authentic ambience.

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