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Cordoba: Fiestas and Folklore

Easterweek, Semana Santa, is very important in Cordoba. No fewer than 32 processions with beautifully decorated pictures and figures of Saints, accompanied by the Nazarenos, men in typical gowns with hoods that cover all the face except the eyes, pass through the town - being followed by thousands of people.

From 5th to 12th of May there is, in the center of town, the Festival of the "Patios Cordobeses", a contest for the most beautifully decorated courtyard, Patio.

Cruces de Mayo is another typical festivity. The whole town is decorated with crosses and immense quantities of flowers.

The last week od May takes place the Feria de Cordoba, the festival of Flamenco music and dance, in marquees decorated with colored lamps.

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