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Valencia: Fiestas and Folklore

Valencia is known in all the country for its rollicking festivals and for its spectacular fireworks, which have developed in this city to an art of its own. Here they spend a whole year building a pyrotechnical work of art which then will burn down in one single night. This also shows the character of the population to really enjoy the moment and celebrate each festival as if it were the last one.

Most important are certainly the Fallas de San José, a celebration of the beginning of springtime. In all the town you will see impressive cardboard-constructions which will be burned at the last day of the festival, March, 19th, after a great party in the streets and locals of Valencia that takes four days.

But the spectacle goes on during an entire week more, with dances in those beautiful regional dresses, bullfights and fireworks.

For Feria de Julio (in July) all Valencia is decorated with a sea of flowers. Again there are dancing parties, fireworks and some of the most important bullfights of Spain.

At October, 9th , the Day of Comunidad Valenciana, there are commemorations of the reconquest of the town from the Moors.

Another typical festival is the "Fiesta de la Mocaorá", an event in particular beloved by gourmets: specially for it are prepared those traditional specialities of marzipan, Piuletes and Tronadors.

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