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Night Life in Valencia

La Movida
"La Movida", the "movement" ... that is how Valencianos call what is going on between Friday evening and somewhen Sunday morning. There are no breaks scheduled for sleep or even rest, so better don't try to find "La Movida" if you are not in really good shape. If you prefer to search around for it anyhow, here are a few helpful hints:

Canovas, El Carmen, Juan LLorens and Avenida de Aragón are regions plenty of locals of any kind and of young people who want to have fun. Xúquer is another place to try. Here frequently you will find "Tunos", students who following an old tradition and being dressed in medieval gowns sing in those locals. They are welcome specially to the female public ...

If you prefer to visit a discotheque, you'll find what you are looking for in the regions Viveros, Avenida Blasco Ibañez and in Avenida Primado Reig, about at the exit direction Barcelona.
La Playa
"La Playa", the beach ... here you will find great ambience as well. At the harbour and in Avenida de Neptuno there are numerous bars and restaurants with nice summer-terraces. From the terraces at the beach of Cabañal-Malvarrosa you have a great view over the gulf of Valencia, and many of them are visited by fashionable young people, such offering lots of "Movida".

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