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Seville: April Fair (Feria de Abril)

All but different to Holy Week (Semana Santa) is the "April Fair" or Feria de Sevilla, taking place two weeks later.

Originally this was just a cattle-market, but through the years it turned out to be one of the greatest popular festivities in Spain. You will have the opportunity to see the typical flamenco dresses Photo which almost all women never mind their age wear.

Innumerable "casetas" Photo or provisional houses are built on the terrain Photo and decorated with colorful lamps.

In the morning the landowners get to the Feria on horses Photo or in horse-coaches Photo

Sevilla: Shows & Concerts Already during the afternoon in each "caseta" a great party which is dominated by Flamenco music and dance Photo and sherry-wine Photo begins, and it will take all the night long.

That is repeated then day by day. Also, during the week of Feria, the most important bullfights of all the year take place at Seville's bullring.

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