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Seville: Excursions

Santiponce: Roman Ruins of Italica
Sevilla: Day Trips & Excursions Just at 8 kilometers from Seville there is Santiponce, with its great Roman Ruins of Italica Photo. Italica was founded in 206 b.Chr. by Publius Cornelius Scipio, Roman emperors Trajan and Hadrian were born here. Remaining today are the colossal Amphitheater, a theater and remains of dwelling houses. Many of the statues, mosaics and other objects that were found here are exposed at Seville's Archaeological Museum, and in the Palace of the Condesa de Lebrija.

Another attraction of Santiponce is the Gothic and Mudejar style Monastery of San Isidoro del Campo, founded by Guzmán el Bueno in early 14th century. Its most important artworks are the famous altar of Martinez Montañés and the numerous frescoes which are among the most impressive in all Spain.

Worth a visit is also the Pickman Museum, located in the ceramics manufactury. It may be visited by free (prior reservation at tel. 955 99 82 92), and you can see the traditional production procedures, as well as an exhibition of historic pieces.
At 33 km from Seville there is the picturesque town Carmona with its impressive fortifications. Carmona was originally a Carthaginian, later a Roman settlement. Of this latter epoch are conserved parts of the town-walls and the Roman Nekropolis. Also the palace, Alcazar, is of Roman origin, though the major part of today's building was erected by the Moors.
Ecija is located at the border between the provinces of Seville and Cordoba. This traditional manorial town has several beautiful palaces, remarkable are in particular the palaces of Marqueses de Peñaflor and Condes de Valverde. The importance of the town under the Moors, who called it Astigi, is shown in its great Arabian baths. Interesting are as well the remains of the Moorish town-walls, among them the two doors Puerta del Puente and Puerta Cerrada.

Ecija is popularly called "the town of the towers", for the large number of church towers that form its skyline. Artistically very valuable are Convento de las Teresas, the church Iglesia de Santiago, the Archaeological Museum of Santa Maria, and the 11 towers of Alberrana Merino and Pescadera.
Osuna, at 86 kilometers from Seville, is an old dukedom. The Pantheon of the Dukes of Osuna is of high artistic value.

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