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Seville: Gastronomy

Seville's typical dishes mostly are relatively simple to prepare, but extraordinarily tasty. Those are some of the best known:

Gazpacho, the famous cold "soup", a vegetable-cream made of tomato, cucumber, paprika, garlic, olive-oil, vinegar and bread; Pescaito frito, fish turned around in flour and fried in olive-oil; Huevos a la Flamenca, a fried egg in a sauce of tomato and Chorizo (a spicy typically Spanish sausage); Cocido Andaluz, a "hot-pot" made of chick-peas and different vegetables; Rabo de Toro, a ragout of bull's tail.

The numberless bars of this city use to offer so-called Tapas, "mini-dishes" for the small hunger. Each local has its own "house-specialities", but some recipes you will find almost everywhere: Huevas, fish-eggs either with mayonnaise or Sauce Vinaigrette, Pinchos Morunos, very spicy spits of meat, Pavías de Pescado, marinaded fish fried in olive-oil, Caracoles, snails in a tasty sauce, Jamon, cured ham, and of course the fantastic olives of the region. The great local wines, Jerez (sherry), Manzanilla and Montilla are a perfect match to all those dishes.

The traditional sweets are mostly of Moorish influences and are prepared often with honey, but also with wine. Very well known are Torrijas and Llemas de San Leandro. The village Estepa in the province of Seville is well known for its traditional Polvorones, Mantecados and Alfajores which are much beloved in all Spain at Christmas time.

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