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Balearic Islands: Fiestas and Folklore

Balearic Islands have a great richdom of archaical traditions, consequence of their old civilization. Most of their "Fiestas" are very colorful and attractive for the visitor.

The folklore of Mallorca is characterized by melodious music and ceremonial dances. And representative for Ibiza are its primitive dances of very old traditions.

Among the most important "Fiestas" of the islands are:

The procession of the three Magi, on December, 5 in Palma de Mallorca.
The Fiesta of des foguerons, at January, 6 is celebrated in Sa Pobla, ArtÓ, S˛ller andMuro with fire and regional dances. The following day, there is a procession of horse coaches in Muro, and in Pollenša a tree is erected at the square Plaza Vieja. People then try to climb to its top.
Typical for the festival of San Sebastian, at January, 20, are the numerous small fires lit in Palma.
Carnival in Palma, in February, is a lively spectacle with colorful masks.
During Semana Santa, Easter week, there are processions everywhere. Of remarkable beauty are those of Thursday and Friday in Sineu.
At the second Sunday of May, is celebrated in Soller the mise en scŔne of the fight between the inhabitants of the islands against the Saracens.
Another historical battle, the one between Joan Mas and the pirates who attacked the island, you can observe in Pollenša, on August, 2 during the celebrations of the Fiesta de Nuestra Se˝ora de los Angeles.
In July takes place the Jazz Festival of Palma.
Feria of Inca, in November, is an original popular festival, celebrated on three Sundays. After that, there are more "Ferias" in Santa MarÝa la Mayor and Dijous Bo.
At December, 31 Palma says good-bye to the old year with the Fiesta del Estandarte, the "festival of the banner".
Carnival of Mahˇn, in February, is certainly of interest.
The island's most important "Fiesta" is San Juan, on June, 23 and 24, celebrated almost without changes for 600 years. It's climax is the so-called "Jaleo", a spectacular performance with horses and medieval dresses. Also a pilgrimship forms part of this festivity.
On June, 29 Verbenas de San Juan, with regional dances and music, take place.
The "Fiestas" of San Martin in Mercadal, on the third Sunday in July, and of Nuestra Se˝ora de Gracia, on September, 8 in Mahˇn, are both of medieval tradition. During the latter you can see another "Jaleo".
January, 17 the festival of the patron, San Antonio Abad.
Santa Eulalia, on the first Sunday in May, is extraordinarily colorful and includes a procession of horse coaches.
Nostra Senyora des Neus, on August, 5, and Fiestas de la Reconquista on August, 8, show the regional folklore at its best.
On August, 24 there are sports and cultural performances in San Antonio to celebrate the Fiesta de San BartolomÚ.

Most interesting is the festival of the Apostle Santiago, the island's patron, on July, 25, showing all the archaical folklore of Formentera.

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