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Balearic Islands: Gastronomy

The cuisine of Balearic Islands, of course of Mediterranean tradition, has gained a great reputation in all Spain. It is extraordinarly varied - more than 600 different recipes are considered typical "Balearic". The internationally best known recipe is ... mayonnaise - although out of Spain there is hardly somebody today who knows that it orignally came from Menorca. In Spanish language it is called Salsa Mahónesa, and it was prepared for the first time in Mahón.

The typical sausages are well-known in all Spain, above all the Sobrasada Mallorquina, a very spicy sort of spread of red color. In its fat you may fry other ingredients. In the case of lamb, results are called Cordero asado al estilo de Mahón, in the case of eggs Huevos fritos al estilo de Soller.

Typical of Mallorca is a variety of clear soups with noodles, fish or meat, and vegetable sauces. Tumbet is made of sliced potatoes and egg-plants covered with tomato sauce and peppers. Egg-plant stuffed with fish or meat are other common recipes. If you like seafood, you shouldn't miss the Cigala Mallorquina, a species which exists only here. Rostit is pork made in the oven with liver, eggs, bread and apples. More specialities are Pollo relleno de Granada, chicken stuffed with pomegranates, Pechuga de Pavo con Salsa de Almendras, turkey in almond sauce, and Pichones en Salsa de Castañas, pigeon in chestnut sauce. The sweet Ensaimadas are well known in all the Spanish speaking world.

In Menorca you will try fish and seafood at their best: Caldereta de Langosta, seafood with peppers, onions, tomato, garlic and herb-flavored liqueur, or Arroz con Langosta, seafood and rice. Another speciality is Perdiz Menorquina, partridge prepared in the island's typical style.

Ibiza has exceptional fish recipes as well: Burrida de Ratjada, ray with almonds, Langosta Ibicenca, or Guisat de Marisc, a delicious "hotpot" of fish and seafood.

Coques, small quadratic tartlets with fish, meat or vegetables you will find on all the islands. Wine is produced only in Mallorca, as well as several liqueurs. A speciality of Ibiza is its herb-flavored liqueur - certainly not a bad way to finish an opulent meal.

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