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The Climate of the Canary Islands

At Canary Islands there is eternal springtime. Temperatures between the seasons vary only some 6º C, and the monthly islands average temperatures are from 18º to 24º C (64,4 and 75,2ºF). That means ideal bathing conditions through all the year.

Due to the islands geographical location, some 4º from the tropic of cancer and very close to the African coast, the islands' climate is subtropical. The surprising landscape, with high mountains covered by snow very close to the beaches, is an additional attraction. Water temperature varies from 22º C in summer to 19º C in winter.

In La Palma, Tenerife and Gran Canaria you may find tropical rains from time to time, while Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are very dry and guarantee sunshine almost without interruption.

The character of the population is influenced by this favoured weather conditions as well and Canarians are famous for being always friendly and in good mood. That can be also said about the numerous foreigners, who use to spend the winter-months here.

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