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SPAIN - Climate and Weather

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Monthly average temperatures in ºC
CityJan.Feb.Mar.Apr.MayJun.Jul.Aug.Sep.Oct.Nov.Dec.HumiditySun hours
Barcelona13141618212528282521171368%2.480 h.
A Coruña13131516172022232219151378%2.042 h.
Madrid911151922273132251813965%2.824 h.
Mallorca 14151719222629292723181574%2.795 h.
Gran Canaria22222223272524252625232174%2.998 h.
Santander12121415172022232118151278%1.747 h.
Seville15182124273236383226201670%2.878 h.
Valencia15161820232628292723191668%2.538 h.
Valladolid710141720262929251812868%2.584 h.
Zaragoza10121719232731302620141067%2.824 h.

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