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The Surprising Landscapes of Lanzarote

This island which has been destroyed so many times by its volcanos' elemental forces and were reborn again, shows some of the most incredible landscapes you may find on this planet, opulent vegetation next to bizarre forms of petrified lava. As the island is not very large, you can explore most of it in a day's excursion by car:

Tahiche: Photo Wide extensions of black ashes at the foot of a uniquely bizarre mountain. The picturesque white houses of the village make an outstanding contrast to that. Close to Taiche are located the Casas Honda, volcanic caves that have been habited by the Maxos also called guanches, the original inhabitants of the islands

In Guatiza you will find an enormous sea of cactuses. The reason of the existence of those plantations is because in the past they were used to produce a red pigment which was highly valuated. This pigment was won from insects living in the cactuses.

La Cueva de los Verdes Photo An incredible system of caves, of 7 kilometers length, which connects the volcano Corona with the sea. Inside those caves you will experience optical delusions (due to reflections) of the most surprising kind. In the past the island's inhabitants used the caves to hide up from the pirates. For invaders the Cueva de los Verdes frequently was a deadly trap. Of particular interest for biologists will be a species of animal that exists exclusively here: the Langostino Blanco, a lobster of white color which is perfectly adapted to those caves' life conditions.

Los Jameos del Agua Photo A very special part of Cueva de los Verdes. Canarian artist Cesar Manrique created here a complex that combines the miracles of nature with miracles of architecture: here you will find swimming-pools, restaurants and even a ballroom.

El Mirador del Rio is a bizarre rock of 600 meters height, face to face to the island Graciosa, which offers an outstanding panoramic.

Valle de Haria Photo is a beautiful valley with an extension of 150 km2, offering surprising canyons of volcanic origins, palm-forrests and a very picturesque small village.

La Geria: In this spectacular landscape with thousands of small volcanic craters you can see some of the world's most unusual vineyards: in small pits filled with volcanic ashes and surrounded by stonewalls are growing the grapes of Canary Islands' most famous wine, Malvasía Photo

In Los Hervideros Photo we find picturesque forms of petrified lava.

El Golfo Photo is a volcanic crater flooded by the sea. It is beautiful to see the emerald green water contrasting with the black sand.

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