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Mar Menor, which means translated the "smaller sea" (in contrast to the large Mediterrean, is the name of the largest salt water lagoon of Europe located at the coast of Murcia. Here we find a unique micro-climate and incredible landscapes.

The lagoon is separated from the Mediterranean by a 22 km long sandy promontory, La Manga del Mar Menor. This promontory is at some places 1200 meters wide, at others just 100 meters Foto.

It is a really exceptional holiday resort, with modern hotels and tourism facilities. In summer it has lively night life, while during the cooler seasons La Manga is a quiet and relaxing resort with a pleasant climate.

Towards the Mediterranean there are wonderful sandy beaches and in the back you have the Mar Menor where you can take free medical spas. Since ancient times the healing power of its water, mud and clay are known.

Bathing in the Mar Menor improves circulation and has in general a purifying and detoxifying effect on the body. It also helps with arthritis, rheumatism and similar ailments.

Mud baths can be taken particularly well in the very north of the lagoon, in "La Puntica" (Lo Pagán) Foto. The mud of the Mar Menor helps against skin diseases, but also for rheumatism, arthritis, and supports the rehabilitation of fractures.

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