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COAST OF CANTABRIA: How to get there

By plane:

The Airport of Santander (SDR) is at just 5 km from Santander. The next airport in distance is the Airport of Bilbao (BIO) located at 109 km.

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By train:
In Santander there are two different rail companies which connect the city with many capitals in Spain and towns along the north coast.

The perhaps most extraordinary way to know Cantabria and the North of Spain is a travel with the luxury trains Transcantábrico Clásico or Transcantabrico Gran Lujo.
By car:

From Madrid the best way is to take the "A-67" highway from Reinosa. From west (Asturias) and easth (Basque Country), the best way is the "A-8" highway bordering the north coast.
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By ship:

From the port of Santander there are ferries connecting Bilbao with the British Ports of Portsmouth and Plymouth. The travel takes 24 hours and the timetable depends on season and weather conditions.
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