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Capital: Oviedo
Provinces: Asturias

The Principality of Asturias is constituted of a single province and its capital is Oviedo. It is limited by high mountain ranges, Cordillera Cantabrica, where you find some outstanding natural preserves such as the national parks Parque Nacional de los Picos de Europa and Parque Natural de Somiedo.

Asturias is well known for its green landscapes, and just at a few kilometers from high mountain peaks there is the Cantabric coast with great beaches and colorful fishing villages.

Major attractions are the Way of Saint James (Tip! ) with its numberless pre-romanic monuments, which leads through Asturias and the Ruta de la Plata, "silver route", which starts in Asturias.

Asturias too is the home of ancient rites and beliefs, and this region's popular customs are among the most interesting of Spain. Artisany and gastronomy are of high reputation, you may try excellent sea-food along the coast and, in the mountains, typical dishes such as Fabada, made of a special sort of beans, blood sausage and various cheese specialities, together with a glass of cider.

The Cities:

The region's capital, located more or less at its geographical center, is specially remarkable for its pre-romanic monuments and its great cathedral.

This historic city, founded already by Romans, is today one of the most important sea-ports and offers active cultural life.

Aviles, one of the oldest settlements of the Cantabric area, is of high economical importance too, but conserves as well its traditional style.

In Asturias there are several important buildings from the pre-romanic epoch, such as the churches Santa Maria del Naranco , San Miguel de Lillo and San Julian de los Prados . These monuments, in their entirety, have been declared "Patrimony of the Humanity" by the UNESCO.

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